Our Programs for the GIVERS

Our extensive exposure to and experience in working with non-profit and non-governmental organizations has placed us in a unique position to influence ‘givers’ – corporations, individual donors and other philanthropic agencies, to practice ‘deliberate’ giving. As opposed to ‘arbitrary’ giving, which is often based on random choice or personal whim, deliberate giving (also known as ‘intentional’ or ‘purposeful’ giving), is usually tied to a decision to contribute resources to achieve long-term impact in the sectors, localities or causes one decides to support, and seeking the best ways to address systemic problems.

We assist in facilitating this decision-making process through a number of structured interventions. One example is the role we play as a resource partner for corporations who are at various stages of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. Corporate partners who wish to take part in “creating a bountiful and sustainable world” may subscribe to the following CSR-related consulting services:

Other CSR-related Services

CSR Monitoring and Evaluation

CSR Communications Planning

Employee Volunteer Orientation and Training

CSR Grant Administration