2019 marks our 20th-year milestone since we were founded in 1999. We continue to teach the joy of giving and create ethical, inspiring, and excellent fund raising solutions through our training, mentoring, research and public information programs. Through these 20 years, we have expanded and reached over 1,223 organization in 25 countries crossing 5 continents and have implemented 71 public courses and 5 Fund Raising Congresses.

In line with this celebration, we launched a social media campaign entitled, "52 Weeks of Giving" last January. Its primary goal is to promote the concept of giving and inspire philanthropy through social media. 

For this campaign, quotes, sayings, and articles about giving and philanthropy are posted weekly on Venture's social media accounts. 

Be inspired and join our #52WeeksofGiving campaign! Visit our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts now!

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