Venture for Fund Raising successfully wrapped up the 76th run of its best-selling course – the Basic Course on Fund Raising. The course was held from June 24-26, 2024 at the One San Miguel Building, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

This 21-hour workshop introduced participants to the fundamentals of professional fund raising, equipping them with essential skills, knowledge and tips to strengthen their efforts to promote sustainability within their organizations.

We had the pleasure of welcoming passionate fund raisers and non-profit managers from the following organizations:

  • Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.
  • Animal Empathy Philippines
  • Miriam College
  • Parlorista At barbero Kami Foundation
  • St. Mary Euphrasia Integrated Development Foundation, Inc. (SMEIDFI)
  • The Pilgrim Village Foundation, Inc.
  • The Samdhana Institute
  • Vivita Philippines Charities Non-Stock Corp.
In the opening sessions, Ms. Pinky N. Medina, our Executive Director, shared an insightful overview of the basic principles of fund raising. She explained the reasons for fund raising and the importance of aligning these efforts with an organization’s vision, mission, and goals to ensure impact in their initiatives. Thereafter, Ms. Kiel S. Fernandez, our Deputy Executive Director, then emphasized how fund raising is a team effort by discussing the different roles and responsibilities of each team member. She also outlined the essential tools needed to efficiently and successfully raise funds, such as policies, systems, and structures.

On Day 2, Ms. Ania U. Quinto, our Program Manager, presented current data, statistics, and the fund raising landscape on the local, regional, and global scale to brief the participants on the latest trends and opportunities in the sector. This provided the participants with a background for the next session where Ms. Fernandez discussed ways to effectively identify their organization’s constituencies and develop their prospective donors.

In the afternoon sessions, Ms. Medina and Ms. Ira T. Hachero, our Program Associate, covered various fund raising strategies, encompassing both traditional and emerging methods. Some examples include events, online fund raising, corporate partnerships, and many others. 

On the last day, more in-depth discussions on fund raising strategies were explored by Ms. Medina, focusing on stewarding recurring and major donors. Additionally, Ms. Fernandez delved into other sources of funding, such as earned income and institutional grants. To close the workshop, participants were given an overview of basic indicators to monitor and evaluate fund raising campaigns, followed by the step-by-step process for Fund Raising Planning and a Readiness Checklist.

Throughout the workshop, participants engaged in interactive activities designed to enhance their learning experience. These included group work and sharing sessions where participants exchanged best practices, fostering a collaborative environment.

Our heartfelt thanks to all participants for being so participative and enthusiastic throughout the three days. We hope it was a valuable experience, and we are excited to support you on your journey to friend-raising!

In Photo: Winners of BCFR #76 Money Game

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